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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 98   EDMONTON, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2002   No. 22   



     Alberta Regulations 230/2002 to 248/2002

Cooperatives Act
Cooperatives Amendment Regulation  242/2002
Electric Utilitites Act
Billing Accuracy Deficiency Correction Regulation 239/2002
Transmission Administrator Tariff Deficiency Correction Regulation    240/2002
Feeder Associations Guarantee Act
Feeder Associations Guarantee Amendment Regulation     236/2002
Government Organization Act
Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Grant Amendment Regulation    237/2002
Livestock Diseases Act
Destruction and Disposal of Dead Animals Amendment Regulation    238/2002
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Milk Remuneration and Expense Regulation  230/2002
Alberta Pork Producers' Authorization Amendment Regulation  243/2002
Alberta Vegetable Growers (Processing) Board Authorization Amendment
 Regulation    244/2002
Alberta Vegetable Growers (Processing) Production and Marketing
 Amendment Regulation    245/2002
Potato Growers of Alberta Plebiscite Regulation   247/2002
Vegetable Negotiating Agency Amendment Regulation 246/2002
Mines and Minerals Act
Petroleum Royalty Amendment Regulation  241/2002
Municipal Government Act
Electric Energy Generation Exemption Regulation   232/2002
Extension of Linear Property Regulation 233/2002
Planning Exemption Amendment Regulation 234/2002
Personal Property Security Act
Personal Property Security Forms Regulation  231/2002
Podiatry Act
Regulation to Amend the By-Laws of the Alberta Podiatry Association   235/2002
Vegetable Sales (Alberta) Act
Grades, Packages and Fees Regulation    248/2002

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