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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 98   EDMONTON, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2002     No. 21   



     Alberta Regulations 213/2002 to 229/2002

Agriculture Financial Services Act
Agriculture Financial Services Amendment Regulation    219/2002
Electric Utilities Act
Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities Amendment Regulation   213/2002
Environment Protection and Enhancement Act
Lubricating Oil Material Environmental Handling Charge Bylaw     228/2002
Lubricating Oil Material Recycling and Management Bylaw     227/2002
Fisheries (Alberta) Act
Fisheries (Ministerial) Amendment Regulation 224/2002
General Fisheries (Alberta) Amendment Regulation  214/2002
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Milk Plan Minimum Price of Sub-Class 1A Milk Order  229/2002
Mines and Minerals Act
Natural Gas Royalty Regulation, 2002    220/2002
Natural Gas Marketing Act
Natural Gas Marketing Amendment Regulation   221/2002
Oil and Gas Conservation Act
Oil and Gas Conservation Amendment Regulation     226/2002
Protection for Persons in Care Act
Protectino for Persons in Care Amendment Regulation    222/2002
Provincial Court Act
Provincial Court Civil Division Amendment Regulation   215/2002
Provincial Court Fees and Costs Amendment Regulation   216/2002
Public Health Act
Works Camps Regulation   218/2002
Real Estate Act
Real Estate (Ministerial) Amendment Regulation    225/2002
Regulations Act
Miscellaneous Correction and Repeal Regulation    217/2002
School Act
Closure of Schools Amendment Regulation 223/2002

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