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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 98   EDMONTON, WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2002  No. 9   



     Alberta Regulations 62/2002 to 81/2002

Government Organization Act
Community Development Grants Amendment Regulation 80/2002
Grants, Donations and Loans Amendment Regulation  74/2002
Health Disciplines Act
Licensed Practical Nurses Amendment Regulation    62/2002
Health Insurance Premiums Act
Health Insurance Premiums Amendment Regulation    63/2002
Health Professions Act
Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists Profession Regulation   79/2002
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Turkey Marketing Amendment Regulation   81/2002
Medical Profession Act
Medical Profession Amendment By-laws    64/2002
Municipal Government Act
Central Peace Regional Waste Management Commission
   Amendment Regulation  72/2002
Municipal Long Term Electricity Agreement Regulation   73/2002
Persons with Developmental Disabilities Community Governance Act
Governance Amendment Regulation    70/2002
Pharmaceutical Profession Act
Prescription of Drugs by Authorized Practitioners Amendment Regulation     65/2002
Provincial Court Act / Court of Queen's Bench Act
Provincial Judges and Masters in Chambers Registered and Unregistered
  Pension Plans Amendment Regulation    78/2002
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Local Authorities Pension Plan (Tax Compliance) Amendment Regulation  66/2002
Management Employees Pension Plan (Tax Compliance)
  Amendment Regulation   69/2002
Public Service Pension Plan (Tax Compliance) Amendment Regulation     67/2002
Special Forces Pension Plan (Tax Compliance) Amendment Regulation     68/2002
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Recognition Act / Alberta Heritage
   Scholarship Act
Queen Elizabeth II Award and Scholarship Regulation    71/2002
Regulated Forestry Profession Act
Expenses and Review Fees Regulation     77/2002
Registered Professional Forest Technologists Regulation     76/2002
Registered Professional Foresters Regulation 75/2002

     Published by the Queen's Printer for Alberta, EDMONTON