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     Alberta Regulation 183/2001

     Municipal Government Act


     Filed:  September 20, 2001

Made by the Minister of Municipal Affairs (M.O. L:145/01) on September 17,
2001 pursuant to section 710 of the Municipal Government Act.

Continuation of lease on tax recovery land
1   If, before January 1, 1995,

     (a)   a tax recovery notification was registered against a parcel of
land by the Registrar of the proper land titles office under section 4(1)
of the Tax Recovery Act, RSA 1980 cT-1, and

     (b)  a lease, licence or permit was granted by the municipality or a
member of the Executive Council of Alberta in respect of the parcel,

the lease, licence or permit continues until the term specified in it

Application of new Act to investments
2(1)  Section 250 of the Municipal Government Act, SA 1994 cM-26.1, does
not apply to investments made by a municipality before January 1, 1995
under the Municipal Government Act, RSA 1980 cM-26.

(2)  Money from an investment referred to in subsection (1) that was
invested on or after January 1, 1995 is subject to section 250 of the
Municipal Government Act, SA 1994 cM-26.1.

3   The Transitional Regulation (AR 372/94) is repealed.

4   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for
ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in
its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires
on August 31, 2006.