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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 97   EDMONTON, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2001  No. 4



     Alberta Regulations 29/2001 to 43/2001

Alberta Personal Income Tax Act
Personal Income Tax Withholding Regulation   34/2001
Child Welfare Act
General Amendment Regulation  36/2001
Dairy Board Act
Dairy Board Amendment Regulation   29/2001
Electric Utilities Act
Balancing Pool Amendment Regulation     39/2001
Billing Amendment Regulation  40/2001
Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities Amendment Regulation   41/2001
Employment Standards Code
Maternity and Parental Leave Regulation 38/2001
Gaming and Liquor Act
Gaming and Liquor Amendment Regulation  32/2001
Government Organization Act
Municipal Affairs Grants Amendment Regulation     31/2001
Transportation and Utilities Grants Amendment Regulation    33/2001
Lloydminster Municipal Amalgamation Act
Lloydminster Charter Amendment Regulation    42/2001
Municipal Government Act
Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission Regulation    43/2001
Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution Act
Court Forms and Procedures Amendment Regulation   30/2001
Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution Amendment Regulation  37/2001
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Management Employees Pension Plan Amendment Regulation 35/2001

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