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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 96   EDMONTON, THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2000  No. 11


     Alberta Regulations 89/2000 to 112/2000

Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Act
Administration Fee Regulation 97/2000
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Amendment Regulation 110/2000
Facilities, Institutions, Health Benefits Amendment Regulation   112/2000
Cemetery Companies Act
Cemetery Companies Amendment Regulation 92/2000
Charitable Fund-raising Act
Charitable Fund-raising Regulation 108/2000
Co-operative Associations Act
Fee Regulation 95/2000
Electric Utilities Act
Power Purchase Arrangements Amendment Regulation  106/2000
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Forest Resources Improvement Amendment Regulation 101/2000
Fair Trading Act
Automotive Business Amendment Regulation     96/2000
Designation of Trades and Businesses Amendment Regulation   93/2000
Electricity Marketing Regulation   109/2000
Forests Act
Forest Resources Improvement Amendment Regulation 101/2000
Timber Management Amendment Regulation  102/2000
Gas Utilities Act
Designation Regulation   104/2000
Government Organization Act
Authorized Accredited Agencies Amendment Regulation    103/2000
Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation  91/2000
Judicature Act
Alberta Provincial Judges Compensation Commission Regulation     100/2000
Maintenance Enforcement Act
Maintenance Enforcement Amendment Regulation 90/2000
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Turkey Marketing Amendment Regulation   89/2000
Oil and Gas Conservation Act
Oil and Gas Conservation Amendment Regulation     99/2000
Public Utilities Board Act
General Assessment Order for the Fiscal Year 2000-2001 98/2000
Surveys Act
Cadastral Mapping Fee Order   94/2000
Widows' Pension Act
Widows' Pension Amendment Regulation    111/2000
Wildlife Act
Wildlife Amendment Regulation 105/2000, 107/2000
     Published by the Queen's Printer for Alberta, EDMONTON