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     The Alberta Gazette

     PART II


Vol. 95   EDMONTON, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1999  No. 23



     Alberta Regulations 234/99 to 252/99

Alberta Treasury Branches Act
Alberta Treasury Branches Amendment Regulation    234/99
Child Welfare Act
Adoption Amendment Regulation 241/99
Corrections Act
 Designated Correctional Institutions Order  252/99
Electric Utilities Act
Time Extension Regulation     243/99
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Conservation and Reclamation Amendment Regulation 242/99
Government Organization Act
Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation  239/99
Judgment Interest Act
Judgment Interest Amendment Regulation  237/99
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Sugar Beet Marketing Plan Amendment Regulation    240/99
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Local Authorities Pension Plan Amendment Regulation    235/99
Public Sector Pension Plans (Legislative Provisions)
  Amendment Regulation   236/99, 246/99
Public Service Pension Plan Amendment Regulation  244/99, 245/99
Special Forces Pension Plan Amendment Regulation  247/99
Universities Academic Pension Plan Amendment Regulation     248/99
Regulations Act
Miscellaneous Correction and Repeal Regulation (No. 2) 238/99
Traffic Safety Act
Licence Suspension Program Regulation   249/99
Motor Vehicle Administration Act - Traffic Safety Act Transitional
 Regulation    250/99
Wildlife Act
 Wildlife Amendment Regulation     251/99

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