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     Alberta Regulation 225/99

     Wildlife Act


     Filed:  October 20, 1999

Made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (O.C. 413/99) pursuant to
section 97 of the Wildlife Act and by the Minister of Environment (M.O.
43/99) pursuant to section 96 of the Wildlife Act.

1   The Wildlife Regulation (AR 143/97) is amended by this Regulation.

2   Schedule 1 is amended by adding the following after section 22:

Release of live wildlife - s.60
     22.1   The holder of a wildlife rehabilitation permit is exempt from
the application of section 60 of the Act if the holder releases a live
wildlife animal from captivity that, prior to the release, was lawfully
possessed under the authority of that permit, if

               (a)  the wildlife is not an endangered animal, and

               (b)  its release has been sanctioned by a veterinarian
referred to in section 78(2)(a) of this Regulation.