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     The Alberta Gazette

     PART II


Vol. 95   EDMONTON, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1999 No. 17



     Alberta Regulations 163/99 to199/99

Alberta Science, Research and Technology Authority Act
     Alberta Science, Research and Technology Authority Grant Regulation   179/99
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
     Millwright Trade Amendment Regulation   163/99
     Roofer Trade Amendment Regulation  164/99
     Sheet Metal Worker Trade Amendment Regulation     166/99
     Sawfiler Trade Amendment Regulation     165/99
     Transport Refrigeration Mechanic Trade Amendment Regulation 167/99
Civil Enforcement Act
     Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation  172/99
Court of Queen's Bench Act
     Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation  172/99
Court of Appeal Act
     Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation  172/99
Dairy Board Act
     Dairy Board Amendment Regulation   176/99
Electric Utilities Act
     Balancing Pool Regulation     169/99
     Direct Sales Regulation  180/99
     Power Purchase Arrangements Regulation  170/99
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
     Activities Designation Amendment Regulation  184/99
     Substance Release Amendment Regulation  177/99
Fair Trading Act
     Appeal Board Regulation  195/99
     Automotive Business Regulation     192/99
     Collection Practices Regulation    194/99
     Cost of Credit Disclosure Regulation    198/99
     Credit and Personal Reports Regulation  193/99
     Designation of Trades and Businesses Regulation   178/99
     Direct Sales Cancellation and Exemption Regulation     191/99    Direct Selling Business Licensing Regulation 190/99
     Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation   189/99
     Exemption Regulation     188/99
     General Licensing and Security Regulation    187/99
     Natural Gas Direct Marketing Regulation 186/99
     Prepaid Contracting Business Licensing Regulation 185/99
     Public Auctions Regulation    196/99
     Retail Home Sales Business Licensing Regulation   197/99
     Time Share Contracts Regulation    199/99
Gas Utilities Act
     Cochin Pipeline Regulation    181/99
     Foothills Pipeline Regulation 182/99
Government Organization Act
     Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation  175/99
Mines and Minerals Act
     Metallic and Industrial Minerals Royalty Amendment Regulation    183/99
Public Health Act
     Housing Regulation  173/99
     Regulated Matter Regulation   174/99
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
     Public Sector Pension Plans (Legislative Provisions) Amendment
Regulation     171/99
Safety Codes Act
     Exemption Amendment Regulation     168/99

     Published by the Queen's Printer for Alberta, EDMONTON