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No. 2017-43


Office of the Minister




I, Christina Gray, Minister of Labour, pursuant to section 23 of the Land Agents Licensing Act, hereby:


1       Appoint the following persons as members to the Land Agent Advisory Committee, each for a term of three years:

(a)   Lisa Proctor;

(b)  Scott Clark;

(c)   Josh Vass;

(d)  Amanda White;

(e)   Roy Bjorklund;

(f)   Douglas Roy;

(g)  Jason Tweten;

(h)  Beverley Wiebenl

(i)    Michele Del Colle; and

(j)    Patricia Golec;


2       Designate Lisa Proctor as Chair of the Land Agents Advisory Committee, for a term of three years;


3       Prescribe the remuneration payable to the members as that specified in Schedule 1, Part A of the Committee Remuneration Order,


4       Rescind Ministerial Order No. 2014-14 (Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour),


effective on signing.



DATED at Edmonton, Alberta this 13 day of December, 2017.







                                                                        Christina Gray

                                                                        Minister of Labour