New Products / Best Sellers

2016 Wall Calendar and 2016/2017 Fiscal Calendar

The 2016 Wall Calendars and 2016/2017 Fiscal Calendars are now available for just $2.95 each plus GST.

A minimum order of 5 calendars is required to qualify for complimentary shipping. Orders for less than 5 calendars will be subject to a $5.00 shipping and handling fee, which is applied at the time of purchase.

Orders of less than 5 calendars, can be purchased in person at Alberta Queen’s Printer in Edmonton at no additional charge.


Standards and Guidelines for Municipal Waterworks, Wastewater and Storm Drainage Systems

The Standards and Guidelines for Municipal Waterworks, Wastewater and Storm Drainage Systems has been reformatted into 5 individual Parts (books) which are now available.  These useful reference books:

  • Set out the regulated minimum standards and design requirements for these systems in Alberta municipalities.
  • Include the application and approval process, treatment performance standards, design standards and guidelines, operating and monitoring requirements and guidelines.

Standards and Guidelines

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code Products

All Alberta employers need to ensure a current copy of the OHS Code is available for reference by workers. Keep your business and your employees safe…order your copies of this important safety legislation today!

2009 OHS Handbook 

OHS Act, Regulations and Code: the current OHS Code is dated July 1, 2009.

 OHS Code Binder
 Explanation Guide Handbooks

OHS Code Explanation Guide: a two-volume, comprehensive, plain language commentary on the OHS Code with detailed explanations, diagrams, index, and coloured tabs for easy reference.

 OHS Code Explanation Guide

OHS CD: fully searchable and easy to use, the OHS CD contains the complete OHS Act, Regulations, and Code, and corresponding Explanation Guide.

View the OHS Code and OHS Code Explanation Guide online or you can search the contents online.  Safety matters - trust your experts.