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"Apartment Vacancy and Rental Cost Survey 2018 "

Apartment Vacancy and Rental Cost Survey 2018

Represents the findings of an annual survey of multi-family dwellings in Alberta's rural communities, conducted by the Government of Alberta between the months of May and August each year. The survey identifies building type, unit type, number of units, rental rates and the number of vacancies in Alberta communities with populations between 1,000 and 9,999 that have at least 30 or more rental units. The survey report is recognized as the only official and unbiased rental housing cost and vacancy information for rural Alberta. It provides the provincial government, housing industry, municipalities, and various other entities with essential housing information on private market vacancy and rental rates in multi-family dwellings in rural Alberta.
    Status: Current
    Ministry Responsible: Seniors and Housing
    Item/ISBN#: 9781460145630
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