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"Teachers' and Private School Teachers' Pension Plans "

Teachers' and Private School Teachers' Pension Plans

The Teachers’ and Private School Teachers’ Pension Plans Regulation, together with parts of the Teachers’ Pension Plan Act, establishes the plan rules for the Teachers’ Pension Plan and the Private School Teachers’ Pension Plan. The Regulation identifies who is eligible to be a member of the pension plan, required member and employer contributions to the pension plan, rules for calculating pensionable service and the benefits to be received by the pension recipient and/or the recipient’s survivors. It also addresses matters such as early retirement, termination of employment prior to pension eligibility, cost-of-living increases, and pension payment provisions.
    Chapter/Regulation: 203/1995
    Status: Office Consolidation
    Related Act
    Ministry Responsible: Education
Ministry Responsible: Treasury Board and Finance
    Current to 81/2019
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779811786
    Regulation-Making Authority: Order In Council
    Pages 72
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