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"Oil Sands Royalty Regulation, 2009 (Coming Soon) "

Oil Sands Royalty Regulation, 2009

(Coming Soon)
This regulation is made under the Mines and Minerals Act. It applies to Periods after January 1, 2009, as well as to oil sands products recovered from a non-Project well event or non-Project mining operation on or after January 1, 2009. It provides for the approval of oil sands royalty Projects, the determination of the Crown’s royalty share and of royalty payable in respect of oil sands and oil sands products, royalty reporting obligations, and penalties.
    Chapter/Regulation: 223/2008
    Status: Office Consolidation
    Related Act
    Ministry Responsible: Energy
    Current to 52/2019
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779810697
    Regulation-Making Authority: Order In Council
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