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"Promoting Job Creation and Diversification Act "

Promoting Job Creation and Diversification Act

The Promoting Job Creation and Diversification Act relates to the ministries of Economic Development and Trade, Advanced Education, and Transportation. Under the Act, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade may establish panels and committees in relation to Alberta’s economic prosperity, and establish programs and make regulations to support economic diversification. The Minister of Advanced Education is required to take steps to increase the number of technology-related seats in post-secondary programs, take steps to establish new scholarships or awards, consult with interested parties, and report annually to Executive Council on progress. The Minister of Transportation is required to prepare a strategic plan and investment strategy in support of unmanned aerial systems, and submit the report to Executive Council.
    Chapter/Regulation: P-26.3 2016
    Status: Office Consolidation
    Ministry Responsible: Economic Development, Trade and Tourism
    Current to 6/11/2018
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779804689
    Pages 4
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