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"Code of Practice for Forage Drying Facilities "

Code of Practice for Forage Drying Facilities


The Code: requires air and water monitoring to be done in accordance with recognized standards/methodologies; sets out information for registration applications; lists sources from which air effluents may be released and prohibits fugitive emissions that may cause environmental or health problems; describes operational requirements for process, monitoring, and pollution abatement equipment; sets air emissions limits according criteria such as type of drying operation (dryers and kilns with conveyor chain vs others) location of the forage dryer (urban vs rural), size of urban location (50,000 population), and date (before or after January 1, 2015); and prohibits industrial wastewater releases, controls industrial runoff into nearby surface water and requires domestic wastewater to be treated; wastes to be disposed of at approved waste management facilities, and to prepare and retain records of waste management; reclamation of disturbed lands to equivalent land capability, preparation and submission of reclamation plans and reports; contraventions to be reported; and records to be kept, e.g., performance of air pollution abatement equipment, equipment operation and maintenance.
    Status: Current
    Related Act
    Ministry Responsible: Environment and Parks
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779798438
    Pages 27
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