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"Stray Animals Delegation Regulation "

Stray Animals Delegation Regulation

The Stray Animals Delegation Regulation, under the Stray Animals Act, outlines the Minister’s delegation of authority to the organization Livestock Identification Services Ltd (LIS) in relation to appointing staff, licensing, insufficient sale proceeds, and authority of inspectors under the Act and Regulation. Activities that the Minister may undertake to ensure LIS is carrying out the delegated power in a satisfactory manner are described and include inspection or audit by Minister, and required reporting. The handling of public auction proceeds and the continuance of the Stray Animals Proceeds Trust Fund are also addressed in the Regulation. The Regulation outlines the process and procedures for appeals of decision.
    Chapter/Regulation: 206/2008
    Status: Office Consolidation
    Related Act
    Ministry Responsible: Agriculture and Forestry
    Current to 118/2017
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779797684
    Regulation-Making Authority: Ministerial Order
    Pages 8
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