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"Code of Practice for Hydrologic Tracing Analysis Studies "

Code of Practice for Hydrologic Tracing Analysis Studies

This Code of Practice is effective September 30, 1996.

The Code outlines minimum requirements that hydrologic tracing analysis studies must meet to ensure environmental protection: persons responsible must register with the department Director prior to beginning a hydrologic tracing analysis study; requires persons responsible for the study to consult with persons that may be affected by the study and inform water withdrawal users of timing of the study; at the time of registration, information such as the purpose and timing of the study, its location, river flow and hydraulics, must be sent to the Director; prescribes the use of rhodamine dye, or other dyes approved for use by the Director; requires the preparation of a report within three months after the study’s completion; and requires certain information to be retained for five years from completion of the study.
    Status: Current
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    Ministry Responsible: Environment and Parks
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