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"Pin - Alberta / Alberta Shield "

Pin - Alberta / Alberta Shield

Souvenir pin.
    Status: Current
    Item/ISBN#: 714
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Employment Standards Code (Comes with paper insert including changes from SA 2019 c8 and SA 2012 cE-0.3 - effective September 1, 2019)

(Paper Version)
The Employment Standards Code establishes Alberta’s minimum standards of employment in many areas including payment of wages, hours of work, overtime, vacation and holidays, leaves and termination of employment. It establishes the processes by which an employee can seek recourse if the standards have not been met.
    Chapter/Regulation: E-9 RSA 2000
    Status: Office Consolidation
    Ministry Responsible: Labour and Immigration
    Current to 6/11/2018
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779807147
    Pages 101
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