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"Biological Pest Management for Interior Plantscapes "

Biological Pest Management for Interior Plantscapes

The term ‘biological control’ refers to the use of living organisms to control other, less desirable, living organisms. Biological control of plant pests is a very active and growing area of research, although it is not a new concept. There are many published reports on the use of biological control agents or organisms in commercial crops such as orchards, forests, field crops and greenhouse vegetables. This booklet is intended to fill an information gap in the rapidly growing area of the interior plantscape. This now extends from public conservatories to extensive plantings in homes, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, schools, hospitals and other environmentally sensitive areas where it is difficult to use toxic pest control products.
    Status: Current
    Ministry Responsible: Environment and Parks
    Item/ISBN#: 0919975127
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