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"Northern Alberta Development Council Act "

Northern Alberta Development Council Act

The Northern Alberta Development Council Act establishes the Northern Alberta Development Council and provides that the mandate of the Council is to investigate, monitor, evaluate, plan and promote practical measures to foster and advance general development in northern Alberta, and to advise the Government accordingly, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Council may investigate the requirements of the people resident in northern Alberta and make recommendations in that regard in respect of (a) social and economic development, (b) development of communities and service delivery, and (c) development of government services and programs. The Minister of Economic Development and Trade is accountable to the Legislature for the operation of the Council.
    Chapter/Regulation: N-4 RSA 2000
    Status: Current
    Ministry Responsible: Economic Development, Trade and Tourism
    Revised 1/1/2002
    Item/ISBN#: 077970276X
    Pages 2
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