Although all bills become law when they have received Royal Assent, they do not necessarily come into force at that time.  A bill may specify that it comes into force on proclamation.  Proclamations may be used if a bill is to come into effect at a date after Royal Assent or if different parts of a bill are to come into effect at different times.

Recent Proclamations – Updated June 6, 2017

Proclamations are listed alphabetically with new proclamations added as they are received. View related Orders in Council.

An Act to Enhance Off-highway Vehicle Safety (SA 2016 c21). Proclaimed in force May 15, 2017. Amends Traffic Safety Act (RSA 2000 cT-6).

An Act to Modernize Enforcement of Provincial Offences (SA 2016 c11). Proclaimed in force May 1, 2017. Amends Provincial Offences Procedure Act (RSA 2000 cP-34) and Traffic Safety Act (RSA 2000 cT-6).

An Act to Reduce School Fees (SA 2017 c6). Proclaimed in force June 5, 2017. Amends School Act (RSA 2000 cS-3).

First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Act (RSA 2000 cF-14). Section 2 proclaimed in force December 13, 2016.

Metric Conversion Amendment Act (RSA 2000 c18 (Supp). Sections 3 and 5 proclaimed in force December 13, 2016. Amends Fur Farms Act (RSA 2000 cF-30) and Line Fence Act (RSA 2000 cL-13).

Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2016 (No. 2) (SA 2016 c23). Sections 6 and 7 proclaimed in force February 15, 2017. Amends Public Service Act (RSA 2000 cP-42) and Public Service Employee Relations Act (RSA 2000 cP-43).

Municipal Government Amendment Act, 2015 (SA 2015 c8). Sections 41(b) and (c), 42, 47(a) and (b) and 79(l) proclaimed in force January 1, 2017. Amends Municipal Government Act (RSA 2000 cM-26). Repeals Supernet Assessment Regulation (Alberta Regulation 113/2012).

Renewable Electricity Act (SA 2016 cR-16.5). Proclaimed in force March 31, 2017. Amends Alberta Utilities Commission Act (SA 2007 cA-37.2), Electric Utilities Act (SA 2003 cE-5.1), Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (RSA 2000 cE-12), and Hydro and Electric Energy Act (RSA 2000 cH-16).

Securities Amendment Act, 2016 (SA 2016 c13). Sections 3 and 5(a) proclaimed in force June 1, 2017. Amends Securities Act (RSA 2000 sS-4).

Veterinary Profession Amendment Act, 2016 (SA 2016 c15). Proclaimed in force February 1, 2017. Amends Veterinary Profession Act (RSA 2000 cV-2).