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Chapter P‑20.5

Table of Contents

                1      Alberta’s Promise

                2      Council

                3      Activities

                4      Membership of Council

                5      Staff

                6      Bylaws and meetings

                7      Annual report

                8      Expiry


WHEREAS the Legislative Assembly of Alberta recognizes that children are our greatest resource;

WHEREAS the Legislative Assembly of Alberta is committed to building a province where children are valued, nurtured and given the opportunity to reach their full potential; and

WHEREAS the Legislative Assembly of Alberta recognizes that achieving these goals for children requires a commitment and effort on the part of all Albertans:

THEREFORE HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, enacts as follows:

Alberta’s Promise

1   Alberta’s Promise is an initiative to encourage organizations, corporations and individuals to enhance community resources in order to further the well‑being of children.



2   The Premier’s Council on Alberta’s Promise is hereby established.



3   The Council shall

                           (a)    act in an advisory capacity with respect to the implementation of Alberta’s Promise,

                           (b)    promote Alberta’s Promise,

                           (c)    provide leadership in promoting the development of community strategies to further the well‑being of children,

                           (d)    raise awareness of the shared responsibility of organizations, corporations and individuals for furthering the well‑being of children,

                           (e)    encourage financial and other support for initiatives and research that further the well‑being of children, and

                            (f)    carry out any other activity that the Premier considers appropriate to further the well‑being of children.


Membership of Council

4(1)  The Council consists of the Premier and those members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

(2)  The Premier is the Chair of the Council.

(3)  The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint a member to be Vice‑chair of the Council.

(4)  A person appointed under subsection (1), other than the Premier, holds office for a term of not more than 3 years as prescribed in the appointment.

(5)  No remuneration is payable to the members of the Council.

(6)  The members of the Council may be paid their reasonable travelling, living and other expenses incurred in the course of their duties as members in accordance with an order respecting expenses made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

(7)  A member of the Council continues to hold office after the expiry of the member’s term until

                           (a)    the member is reappointed,

                           (b)    the member’s successor is appointed, or

                           (c)    a period of 3 months has elapsed,

whichever first occurs.

(8)  A member of the Council is eligible for reappointment.



5   In accordance with the Public Service Act, there may be appointed the employees required to conduct the business of the Council.


Bylaws and meetings

6(1)  The Council may make bylaws for the conduct of the business and affairs of the Council.

(2)  The Council shall meet at least once in each fiscal year.

(3)  A majority of the members appointed constitutes a quorum at a meeting of the Council.


Annual report

7(1)  The Council shall, for each fiscal year, prepare an annual report consisting of a general summary of its activities and the status of the Alberta’s Promise initiative.

(2)  The Premier shall lay a copy of the report before the Legislative Assembly if it is then sitting or, if it is not then sitting, within 15 days after the commencement of the next sitting.



8   This Act expires on December 31, 2018 unless it is continued for a further period by an order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

2003 cP‑20.5 s8;2008 c16 s4;2013 cC‑12.5 s18