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(Consolidated up to 134/2015)


Local Authorities Election Act


Table of Contents

                1      Definitions

                2      Permanent ballot boxes

                3      Cardboard ballot boxes

                4      Repeal

                5      Expiry



1   In this Regulation,

                               (a)    “seal” means a closing device or method applied to a ballot box in accordance with the Act that must be broken in order for the ballot box to be opened;

                              (b)    “tape” means tape that has adhesive on one side and is of sufficient strength that it cannot be removed from a cardboard ballot box without being cut or without defacing the cardboard ballot box.

Permanent ballot boxes

2   Each ballot box must be made of durable material and so constructed that ballots can be deposited into the ballot box and cannot be removed from it unless the seal is broken and the ballot box opened.

Cardboard ballot boxes

3(1)  Notwithstanding section 2, an elected authority may use cardboard ballot boxes if each cardboard box used

                               (a)    is constructed of a minimum 175‑pound test cardboard,

                              (b)    meets the following minimum dimensions, as shown in the Schedule:

                                        (i)    width, 22 centimetres;

                                      (ii)    length, 36 centimetres;

                                     (iii)    height, 36 centimetres,

                               (c)    has 4 flaps at each side, as shown in the Schedule, that meet or overlap when closed and taped, so as to prevent the removal of ballots unless the ballot box is opened by cutting the tape, and

                              (d)    has one slot for the deposit of ballots, the width of which is 0.5 centimetre and the location and length of which are discretionary.

(2)  A cardboard ballot box must be closed and must be sealed by closing the flaps and placing a piece of tape over the entire adjoining edges and the ends of the closed flaps, such that the tape prevents the flaps from being opened without first cutting the tape.


4  The Ballot Box Regulation (AR 144/2000) is repealed.


5   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on October 31, 2019.

AR 387/2003 s5;300/2009;165/2012;134/2015


Minimum Dimensions of a Closed
Cardboard Ballot Box

Slot location and slot length are discretionary.

Slot width is 0.5 centimetre.