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(Consolidated up to 63/2014)


Municipal Government Act


Table of Contents

                1      Establishment

                2      Members

                3      Services

                4      Operating deficits

                5      Sale of property

                6      Profit and surpluses

                7      Approval


1   A regional services commission known as the Oldman River Regional Services Commission is established.


2   The following municipalities are members of the Commission:

                               (a)    Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9;

                              (b)    Municipal District of Ranchland No. 66;

                               (c)    Municipal District of Taber;

                              (d)    Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26;

                               (e)    Cardston County;

                               (f)    Lethbridge County;

                               (g)    Vulcan County;

                              (h)    County of Warner No. 5;

                               (i)    Town of Cardston;

                               (j)    Town of Claresholm;

                              (k)    Town of Coaldale;

                               (l)    Town of Coalhurst;

                             (m)    Municipality of Crowsnest Pass;

                              (n)    Town of Fort Macleod;

                              (o)    Town of Granum;

                              (p)    Town of Magrath;

                              (q)    Town of Milk River;

                               (r)    Town of Nanton;

                               (s)    Town of Picture Butte;

                               (t)    Town of Pincher Creek;

                              (u)    Town of Stavely;

                              (v)    Town of Vauxhall;

                              (w)    Town of Vulcan;

                              (x)    Village of Arrowwood;

                              (y)    Village of Barnwell;

                               (z)    Village of Barons;

                             (aa)    Village of Carmangay;

                            (bb)    Village of Champion;

                             (cc)    Village of Coutts;

                            (dd)    Village of Cowley;

                             (ee)    Village of Lomond;

                              (ff)    Village of Milo;

                             (gg)    Village of Nobleford;

                            (hh)    Village of Warner;

                              (ii)    County of Newell;

                              (jj)    City of Brooks;

                            (kk)    Town of Bassano;

                              (ll)    Town of Raymond;

                          (mm)    Village of Glenwood;

                            (nn)    Village of Hill Spring;

                            (oo)    Village of Stirling.

AR 303/2003 s2;63/2014


3   The Commission is authorized to provide services related to

                               (a)    municipal planning,

                              (b)    geographic information systems, and

                               (c)    the administration of the regional assessment review boards established in accordance with section 456 of the Municipal Government Act that consist only of member municipalities.

AR 303/2003 s3;63/2014

Operating deficits

4   The Commission may not assume operating deficits that are shown on the books of any of the member municipalities.

Sale of property

5(1)  The Commission may not, without the approval of the Minister, sell any of its land, buildings, equipment or inventory whose purchase has been funded wholly or partly by grants from the Government of Alberta.

(2)  The Minister may not approve a sale under subsection (1) unless the Minister is satisfied

                               (a)    as to the repayment of the grants from the Government of Alberta and outstanding debt associated with that portion of the land, buildings, equipment or inventory to be sold,

                              (b)    that the sale would not have a significant adverse effect on the services the Commission provides, and

                               (c)    that the sale will be properly reflected in the rates subsequently charged to the customers of the Commission.

Profit and surpluses

6   Unless otherwise approved by the Minister, the Commission may not

                               (a)    operate for the purposes of making a profit, or

                              (b)    distribute any of its surpluses to its member municipalities.


7   The Minister may make an approval under section 5 or 6 subject to any terms or conditions the Minister considers appropriate.