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(Consolidated up to 110/2016)


Government Organization Act


Table of Contents

                1      Definition

                2      Grants authorization

                3      Application

                4      Delegation

                5      Agreement

                6      Payment

                7      Written reports and examination of records

                8      Conditional grants

             8.1      Deductions from grant

                9      Transitional

              10      Repeal


1   In this Regulation, “Minister” means the Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

AR 5/2002 s1;188/2015

Grants authorization

2(1)  The Minister is authorized to make grants to a person or organization for any purpose related to any program, service or other matter under the administration of the Minister.

(2)  repealed AR 110/2016 s2.

AR 5/2002 s2;110/2016


3   An application for a grant must be made in the manner and form satisfactory to the Minister.


4   The Minister is authorized to delegate in writing any function,

duty or power under this Regulation to any employee of the Government.


5   The Minister is authorized to enter into agreements with respect to any matter relating to the payment of a grant.


6   The Minister may provide for the payment of any grant in a lump sum or by way of instalments and may determine the time or times at which the grant is to be paid.

Written reports and examination of records

7(1)  The Minister may at any time require the recipient of a grant to provide a written report, in a form satisfactory to the Minister, on the work and activity in respect of which the grant was made, including any information required by the Minister relating to the expenditure of the grant.

(2)  The recipient of a grant must permit a representative of the Minister, the Auditor General or both to examine the books or records pertaining to the grant that the Minister or Auditor General considers necessary to determine whether the grant has been properly expended.

Conditional grants

8(1)  The recipient of a grant may use the money only

                               (a)    in accordance with the conditions on which the grant is made, or

                              (b)    if the original conditions on which the grant is made are varied with the consent of the Minister, in accordance with the conditions as varied.

(2)   If the recipient of a grant does not use all of the money, the Minister may require the recipient to refund the surplus money to Government.

(3)  The Minister may require the recipient of a grant to repay all or part of the money to the Government if the recipient does not comply with any of the conditions of the grant or does not use the money as required under this Regulation.

Deductions from grant

8.1(1)  The Minister may deduct from a grant

                               (a)    any amount that the recipient is required to repay under section 8(3),

                              (b)    if the recipient or prospective recipient becomes indebted in any respect to the Government, any amount owing to the Government, or

                               (c)    any amount if the Minister, in the Minister’s sole discretion, considers the deduction appropriate.

(2)  The deduction may be any amount up to and including the total amount of the grant payable.

(3)  The Minister may use all or any of the grant deducted for payment to a person who would be entitled to receive it from the prospective recipient.

AR 110/2016 s3


9   A grant made under a predecessor of this Regulation is deemed to have been made under this Regulation.


10   The Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs Grants Regulation (AR 250/86) is repealed.

11   Repealed AR 110/2016 s4.