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(Consolidated up to 155/2017)


Marketing of Agricultural Products Act


Table of Contents

                1      Definitions

                2      Regulations made under section 26 of the Act

                3      Repeal

                5      Coming into force


1(1)  In this Regulation,

                               (a)    “Act” means the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act;

                              (b)    “Commission” means the Alberta Lamb Producers;

                               (c)    “Plan” means the Alberta Lamb Producers Plan Regulation;

                              (d)    “producer” means a producer as defined in the Plan;

                               (e)    “regulated product” means regulated product as defined in the Plan.

(2)  Words defined in the Act or the Plan have the same meaning when used in this Regulation.

AR 242/2001 s1;6/2009

Regulations made under section 26 of the Act

2   For the purposes of enabling the Commission to operate the Plan, the Commission is authorized under section 26 of the Act to make regulations

                               (a)    requiring producers engaged in the production or marketing, or both, of the regulated product to register their names and addresses with the Commission;

                           (a.1)    requiring any person who produces, markets or processes the regulated product to furnish to the Commission any information or record relating to the marketing or processing of the regulated product that the Commission considers necessary;

                    (b) to (d)    repealed AR 23/2012 s2;

                               (e)    providing for

                                        (i)    the assessment, charging and collection of service charges from producers from time to time as required for the purpose of the Plan, and

                                      (ii)    the taking of legal action to enforce payment of the service charges and licence fees, as the case may be;

                               (f)    requiring any person who receives the regulated product from a producer

                                        (i)    to deduct from the money payable to the producer any service charges payable by the producer to the Commission, and

                                      (ii)    to forward the amount deducted to the Commission;

                               (g)    providing for the use of any class of service charges, licence fees or other money payable to or received by the Commission for the purpose of paying its expenses and administering the Plan and the regulations made by the Commission;

                              (h)    providing for the payment to a Canada Board of money that is payable under a Canada Act;

                               (i)    respecting the circumstances, if any, under which a service charge may be refunded to a producer.

AR 242/2001 s2;8/2004;111/2011;23/2012;155/2017


3   The Alberta Sheep and Wool Commission Authorization Regulation (AR 311/96) is repealed.

AR 242/2001 s3;212/2005

4   Repealed AR 129/2016 s11.

Coming into force

5   This Regulation comes into force on January 1, 2002.