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(Consolidated up to 73/2016)


Religious Societies Land Act


Table of Contents

                1      Definition

                2      Forms

                3      Fee

                4      Document

                5      Repeal



1   In this Regulation, “Act” means the Religious Societies’ Land Act.


2   The forms contained in the Schedule are the forms prescribed for the purposes of those provisions of section 12 of the Act that are indicated on them.

AR 169/2000 s2;251/2001


3   The fee payable under section 13(1) of the Act is $50.

AR 169/2000 s3;251/2001


4   For the purposes of sections 13(2) and 23(1) of the Act, the document prescribed is an original “Alberta Search Report” from the NUANS (Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search) System maintained by the Government of Canada, dated not more than 90 days prior to the submission of the report.

AR 169/2000 s4;206/2001;251/2001


5   The Religious Societies’ Land Regulation (AR 202/84) is repealed.

6   Repealed AR 73/2016 s2.


Form 1

Religious Societies
Land Act (Section 12(2) and (3))

Declaration of Incorporation Under
the Religious Societies
Land Act

1   The name proposed for the incorporated congregation is

2   The  (title of the specific congregation of the church or religious denomination)   wishes to incorporate under the Religious Societies’ Land Act.

3   The religious denomination, church and/or governing body to which the congregation belongs is                                                                                             

4   The persons who, according to the rules of the congregation, are entitled to vote on church business are                                                                            

5   The officers who are to exercise the powers of the corporation in any dealing with its property are                                                                                         

6   The rules to be complied with before any of the property of the congregation may be dealt with by the officers are as follows:

7      (number)    members are to constitute a quorum of the congregation entitled to transact any business of the congregation.

8   The information about members of the congregation that is required by regulations under the Agricultural and Recreational Land Ownership Act and section 35 of the Citizenship Act (Canada) is as follows:



9   Other information, if any:


(Signature of chair of meeting at which declaration was passed)


(Signature of secretary of that meeting)

Form 2

Religious Societies’ Land Act (Section 12(3))

I                                , of                                                                    in the Province of Alberta, make oath and say:

                                       1   That I hold the office of  (set out office)  in the congregation of  (name of congregation)  and have personal knowledge of the facts stated below.

                                       2   That the foregoing (or annexed) declaration of incorporation was passed at a duly constituted meeting of the congregation held at  (place of meeting)  on  (date of meeting) , 20        .

                                       3   The meeting referred to in paragraph 2 was held after due notice of the time, place and object of the meeting was given, and the transaction involving the incorporation of the congregation was effected in good faith.

Sworn before me at ______ )

in the Province of Alberta    )

this ____ day of ________, )  Signature of officer of congregation

20______                               )



A Commissioner for Oaths in
and for the Province of Alberta.

AR 169/2000 Sched.;251/2001