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(Consolidated up to 83/2018)


Special Areas Act


Table of Contents

                1      Definitions

                2      Fees

                3      Repeal

                5      Coming into force



1   In this Regulation,

                               (a)    “disposition” includes a lease, permit, licence, easement or agreement;

                              (b)    “immediate family” means a spouse, son, daughter, parent, brother, sister, father‑in‑law, mother‑in‑law, son‑in‑law, daughter‑in‑law, brother‑in‑law or sister‑in‑law of a person who has been issued a disposition by the Minister;

                               (c)    “Minister” means the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

AR 124/2000 s1;35/2007;68/2008


2(1)  The fees set out in the Schedule are the fees payable for the services listed.

(2)  No fee is payable under this Regulation if the Minister is acting at the request of

                               (a)    the Government of Alberta,

                              (b)    the Government of Canada, or

                               (c)    an organization undertaking a project that the Minister considers to be of a benefit to the special area in which the land is situated.


3   The Special Areas Service Fees Regulation (AR 109/92) is repealed.

4   Repealed AR 83/2018 s2.

Coming into force

5   This Regulation comes into force on July 2, 2000.


1   For the issuance of leases:

                               (a)    cultivation or grazing lease

                                        (i)    not exceeding 1000 acres                                      $25

                                      (ii)    each additional 1000 acres or part thereof          $ 5

                              (b)    miscellaneous lease                                                        $25

2   For the issuance of a pipeline agreement                              $25

3   For the issuance of a mineral surface lease                          $25

4   For the issuance of an easement                                             $25

5   For the issuance of a licence of occupation                         $25

6   For the issuance of permits:

                               (a)    regrassing permits                                                           $10

                              (b)    feed permits                                                            $10 plus
                                                                                      $2 per

                               (c)    hay permits                                                                      $10

                              (d)    any other type of permit                                                $10

7   For consolidations:

                               (a)    consolidation of 2 leases                                               $15

                              (b)    consolidation of each additional lease                          $5

8   For the registration of assignments:

                               (a)    for an assignment of a cultivation or grazing
lease to a member of the holder’s immediate
family, including the holder’s adult
interdependent partner                                                 

                              (b)    For an assignment of a grazing lease:

                Average Carrying                         Fee Per Acre

                Capacity of                                    or Fraction

                One Head of Cattle Per                of an Acre     

                    30 acres or less                               $3.00

                    31 acres                                           2.94

                    32 acres                                           2.88

                    33 acres                                           2.82

                    34 acres                                           2.76

                    35 acres                                           2.70

                    36 acres                                           2.64

                    37 acres                                           2.58

                    38 acres                                           2.52

                    39 acres                                           2.46

                    40 acres                                           2.40

                    41 acres                                           2.34

                    42 acres                                           2.28

                    43 acres                                           2.22

                    44 acres                                           2.16

                    45 acres                                           2.10

                    46 acres                                           2.04

                    47 acres                                           1.98

                    48 acres                                           1.92

                    49 acres                                           1.86

                    50 acres or more                             1.80

                               (c)    for an assignment of a cultivation lease or any
other lease involving cultivation:

                                        (i)    for the uncultivated acreage, the same fee
that applies for the registration of an
assignment of a grazing lease, and for the
cultivated acreage, a sum equal to 3 times
that fee;

                                      (ii)    if the whole of the acreage in the lease is
cultivated, the assignment fee is 3 times the
fee that would be payable if it were a
grazing lease for land that has an established
grazing carrying capacity of one head per
40 acres;

                              (d)    for an assignment of a disposition to a corporation,

                                        (i)    the fee payable by the corporation with respect to the assignment shall be the product arrived at by multiplying the percentage of the shares of the corporation held by persons who are not members of the assignor’s immediate family nor the assignor’s adult interdependent partner by the fee payable under clause (b);

                                      (ii)    when a disposition has been assigned to a corporation from another corporation, the fee payable must be paid in full if there is a change in shareholders regardless of whether the name of the corporation has changed;

                               (e)    assignment of any disposition to a corporation
where all of the shares are held by members
of the assignor’s immediate family, including
the assignor’s adult interdependent partner              

                               (f)    minimum fee for assignment of a lease                       $50

                               (g)    assignment of a pipeline agreement                           $100

                              (h)    assignment of a mineral surface lease                       $100

                               (i)    assignment of any disposition from the
executor, administrator or committee of an
estate to a person entitled to the disposition
on distribution of the estate                                         

                               (j)    assignment of any other disposition or part of a disposition $50

9   For amendment of a disposition                                             $50

10   For exchange of each quarter‑section of public land       $50

11, 12   Repealed AR 169/2008 s3.

AR 124/2000 Sched.;109/2003;169/2008