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(Consolidated up to 143/2017)


Alberta Housing Act



1   In this Regulation, “Act” means the Alberta Housing Act.

Minister may provide financial assistance

2   The Minister may in accordance with this Regulation provide financial assistance to management bodies providing lodge accommodation under section 5 of the Act.

Lodge assistance

3(1)  The Minister may provide lodge assistance in the form and amounts and at the times determined by the Minister to a management body that provides lodge accommodation.

(2)  Lodge assistance shall be calculated by the Minister not more frequently than yearly and shall be based on the number of days the lodge accommodation was occupied, as determined by the Minister, during the previous year.

(3)  Where a senior household is required to vacate lodge accommodation for the purposes of repairs or upgrading to be carried out by the Crown in Right of Alberta, the lodge accommodation may, for the purposes of subsection (2), be considered to be occupied during the period it remains vacant while the repairs or upgrading is carried out.

(4)  Where a management body adds additional units to the lodge accommodation it provides, the additional units are eligible for lodge assistance on and from the date they are occupied if the management body has obtained the approval of the Minister prior to adding the additional units.

AR 406/94 s3;273/95;143/2017

Other financial assistance

4   In addition to or instead of providing lodge assistance under section 3, the Minister may provide to a management body that provides lodge accommodation financial assistance in the form and amounts and at the times the Minister considers appropriate, where the Minister considers that special circumstances exist and that the financial assistance is necessary for the ongoing provision of lodge accommodation under the Act.

5   Repealed AR 143/2017 s3.