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(Consolidated up to 30/2016)


Forests Act


1   The fees prescribed in Tables 1 and 2 are the fees payable to the Government for the items set out in those tables.

2   The forms prescribed in the Schedule are the forms that are to be used pursuant to the Forests Act and the regulations under that Act.

3, 4 and 5   Repealed AR 30/2016 s2.

Table 1

1      A Local Timber Permit or a renewal thereof              $ 10.00

2      A Custom Mill or Treating Plant Permit                         10.00

3      A certified copy of any other document                        10.00

4      A photostat copy, per page                                                 1.00

5      A coloured, detailed “timber-type” forest map

        showing the distribution of tree-types, per

        hectare and fraction of hectare mapped                      0.0425

6      “Environmental Effects of Timber Harvesting

        in Alberta”

                (a)    Report, Volumes 1 and 2                                 10.00

                (b)    Maps and map overlays                                   10.00

                (c)    Complete set                                                      20.00

7      A Forest Products Tag                                                         2.00

Table 2

1      To record a change of name of a holder of a

        timber disposition                                                          $ 10.00

2      To register an assignment of a timber licence               50.00

3      Reinstatement of any disposition                                    20.00

4      To issue or renew a timber licence

        or a commercial timber permit                                     $ 50.00

5‑7  Repealed AR 250/94 s2.

AR 404/92 Tbl. 2;250/94


Form 1
(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 1)


Temporary Stop Order

      Under the authority of Section 12 of the Forests Act, I hereby order                                                                                                  of                                  , Alberta, recipient of this Order and his employees, agents and contractors to stop                                         operations being conducted for                                                       of                                   Alberta Forest lands in the right of the Province of Alberta described by the Alberta System of Land Surveys as:

L.S.           Sec.           Twp.           Rge.           W.           Mer.       

since such operations are: (appropriate statement checked below)

                                   in contravention of                                                              

                                   not authorized as required by Section 10 of the Forests Act.

This Order shall terminate within 96 hours of delivery to the recipient named above unless cancelled, renewed or extended in writing prior to that time, however the recipient, his employer, employees, agents and contractors bear full responsibility for the resumption of the stopped operations upon expiry of the Order. 

Delivered to                                      Signed this                    of 20   

of                                     Alberta         by                                             

on        hours on        20   .              Authorized Issuing Officer for

                                                                       Minister of Agriculture

                                                                                          and Forestry

Original - Recipient,

1st Copy - Minister of Environment and
Sustainable Resource Development

2nd Copy - Issuing Officer

3rd Copy - Employer of Recipient

Form 2


Power of Attorney

                                                                            File No.                      

Know All Men by these Presents that           (I, We)          in the Province of Alberta, hereby nominate, constitute and appoint                             of                             in the Province of Alberta, (my, our, its) true and lawful attorney and agent to transact business with the Government of the Province of Alberta, and in connection therewith to execute on (my, our, its) behalf all documents relating to any of the following matters.



under and in accordance with the provisions of the Forests Act.

(I, We) hereby ratify and confirm and covenant to ratify and confirm whatsoever (my, our, its) said attorney and agent lawfully does or causes to be done on (my, our, its) behalf in connection with the aforesaid matters.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF (I, We) have hereunto set (my, our) hand and seal at                       in the Province of                         , this day of                          20      .

SIGNED, SEALED AND              )

DELIVERED                                  )                                     (red seal)

in the presence of                          )


                                                         ) Signature of Person in his own



                                                                Corporate name                    

                                                                                    (corporate seal)


                                                            Authorized Executive Officer



                                                            Authorized Executive Officer


Affidavit of Execution

         CANADA                       )    I,                                                      

PROVINCE OF ALBERTA   )    of the               of                           


          TO WIT:                        )    in the Province of Alberta, MAKE     OATH AND SAY:

1.             THAT I was personally present and did see                    

                                       named in the within (or annexed) instrument who is (are) personally known to me to be the person(s) named therein, duly sign and execute the same for the purpose named therein.

2.             THAT the same was executed at the              of               

                                       in the Province of                                   and that I am the subscribing witness thereto.

3.             THAT I know the said                                                         

                                       and                             is in my belief of the full age of eighteen years.

SWORN before me at the              of )

              in the Province of Alberta,    )

this        day of                    20              )




A Commissioner for Oaths in and for

the Province of Alberta

Form 3

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 3)


Form 4
(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 6)


Notice of Seizure

Take notice that the following forest products have been seized pursuant to the Forests Act.  Further take notice that any person who unlawfully interferes with these forest products or with this notice is guilty of an offence and will be prosecuted.




The forest products seized are located on, L.S.          Sec.          Twp.          Rge.          W.          Mer.          and were seized in the possession of                                                                                     of                            , Alberta.  Dated this                                   day of                          , 20      .


                                                                   Forest Officer                    

                                                                 Department of Agriculture
                                                                    and Forestry                      

Form 5
Timber Return

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 7)

Form 5

Form 6

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 9)

Alberta_black(                                                     TM9 (REV. 1/87)


                                      FOREST PRODUCTS HAULING RECORD



OR VENDOR                                       ADDRESS                              

RECEIVER                                           ADDRESS                              

HAULER                                               ADDRESS                              

TRUCK LIC. NO                                                           E                       




 fbm  m³













TOTALS:            PIECES    



I hereby certify that these forest products were cut from              Sec.                 Twp.           Rge.         W.          Mer., under authority of    (disposition number)


Form 7
(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 11)




To Operate a Custom Sawmill, Planing Mill,
Treating or Timber Processing Plant

            I, The Assistant Deputy Minister, by virtue of power vested in me by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry do hereby authorize:                                      of                                    under the Forests Act, and the Regulations passed thereunder, to operate a *Custom Sawmill/Planing Mill/Treating or Timber Processing Plant on the following public lands (if in possession of authority under the Public Lands Act)                                             or with the owner’s consent, on the following privately owned lands                                      and to *manufacture/plane lumber/treat or process timber.

            This Permit is issued subject to the Forests Act, and the Regulations passed thereunder.

Dated at                                       

this           day of                 20    .

Fee $         

Interim Receipt No.                                     


                                For Assistant Deputy Minister

                                 THIS PERMIT EXPIRES APRIL 30, 20       .

                                                              *Delete items not applicable

COPY FOR:           ORIGINAL          - Permittee,

                                 1st Copy              - Director-Financial Services,

                                 2nd Copy             - H.O. T/M Branch,

                                 3rd Copy              - Issuing Office

Form 8

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 12)

                                                                                                    TM 12


              IN THE MATTER OF                                                            

              I,                                                                                            of

                                                 (Full Name)                                          


                              (Address, including Postal Code)                        

                               do solemnly declare that:

              The following quantity of timber which was brought, or was caused to be brought by me or any of my agents or servants to the premises of                                      at  

Date of Delivery



Stage of Manufacture

















was cut on           Section         , in Township        , Range         , West of the              Meridian, in the Province of Alberta under authority of:

                               (a)    The land being patented                                                     

                              (b)    Local Timber Permit No.                                                    

                               (c)    Commercial Timber Permit No.                                         

                              (d)    Timber Licence No.                                                             

                               (e)    Homestead Lease, Homestead Sale, Cultivation Lease, Public Land Sale or

                                       (1)                                No.                                                     

                                       (2)    Payment in lieu of timber dues, receipt No.            

                               (f)    Industrial clearing                                                                

                                                (Name of authorized industrial firm,

                                                   project and/or number)                    


                        Delete clauses which do not apply)                          

            That I have not cut, or caused to be cut, or removed any timber from public lands without authority from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

            And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act.

Declared before me at                                   )

in the Province of Alberta this            day )                                      

of                                  , 20                .             )


J.P. or Commissioner for Oaths

Form 9   Repealed AR 250/94 s3.

Form 10

(This Form may also be cited
 as Form TM 32 or 32s)

Form 10


Form 11

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 35)

Form 12

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 44)

Form 13

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 65)

Form 14

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 66 or Tree Cutting Permit)

Form 15

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 97)


Form 16

(This Form may also be cited as Form TM 196)

Form 17  Repealed AR 30/2016 s10.

AR 404/92 Sched.;250/94;206/2001;42/2010;170/2012;30/2016